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Casino Hacker is a site that can help you understand the secrets of the casino, so you can have more fun and gamble safely. Online casinos are springing up all the time and are increasing in popularity. They are most popular with the 35-44 year old category with an amazing 29.3% playing. With customers lining up to play, there are an ever growing number of casinos which makes choosing a difficult task. 

Casino hacker aims to make it easier for you choose a casino and to give you the latest information. You’ll find the answers to jargon and how odds work as well as welcome bonuses, wagering requirements, and more. We will guide you step by step through what can seem like a minefield. Our expertise will help you better understand betting, slots, and live casinos. We have detailed help about all kinds of casino protocol as well as blogs as well as the latest news.

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Online Casinos - Do I Need To Pay Tax?

If you’re playing in the UK, the good news is that you do not need to worry about paying tax on your winnings. While residents in other countries owe the chancellor 1-25% of any earnings, Gordon Brown scrapped betting tax in 2001. The government instead taxes the casino’s profits so if you win big – it’s all yours and don’t worry about declaring that money on any kind of self assessment tax form. You are in effect being indirectly taxed but you need not concern yourself with declaring any winnings at all.

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Casino Hacker and Casino Bonuses

When you are considering a casino, whether it’s slots or live casino games, most people choose the casino they play with by the welcome bonus. These bonuses offer to double, triple or multiply your money and seem very attractive. However, it’s not so easy to get hold of that welcome bonus. While you may consider how you are going to extract that ‘free money’ – that’s very unlikely to happen for various reasons.

Casino Hacker believes that it’s far better to consider the free money as a way to try out different games without losing any money you have staked. The best online casinos offer their players bonuses with low wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirement For Better Betting

It’s typical to find wagering requirements of 30 to 35x, so it’s not wise to set your goals on reclaiming that bonus, because it will probably be a long time coming – if at all. Instead, Casino Hacker suggests that you use the bonus as an opportunity to try out some games, and see if you like the casino. 

Do you like the slots, the games, the graphics, the volatility of different games, the live casinos, and the customer service? Use that ‘free money’ or free spins to decide if the casino is right for you.

Which casino is right for you?

Aside from the welcome bonus what attracts many people are the slots. New games with new graphics are developed regularly. Websites buy the games from developers and so it’s common for the same game to be in several casinos.

At Casino Hacker we keep track of new games and their features and let you know which websites are adding them to their selection of slots. At least half of players access their casino accounts and play games on their mobiles. We test games and see if they are optimized for mobiles. The games should work just as well if not even better when played on a mobile.

What do you need to consider at a live casino?

It’s not all about slots. Many players love the live casinos. A live casino features games that include roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and craps. Typical casinos never lose their appeal and are extremely popular. It’s also not unwise to play games such as blackjack as experts say that it has the best payout. Blackjack has a very low casino edge of less than half a percent.

To make live casino even more fun, the game is often played with a real dealer. And there is a chat facility so you can speak to other players. This allows you to have social interaction with other people which is missing with online slots. You can even arrange to meet up and play at the same time again, for example, with another casino player. 

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All in all, the best of online casinos are a mixture of things. You need a secure and licensed site. The latest slots and live casinos. Great customer service around the clock staffed by native UK speakers. And an attractive welcome bonus with easy and secure payouts. You also need to be able to play games and access your account from a laptop, tablet, or mobile. At Casino Hacker we make sure you are up to date with all the latest casino news and the best casino bonus.

Learn the secrets of the casino industry