Poker – The Ultimate Game Of Skill And Bluff

There’s not much to poker and yet professional poker players are some of the richest people in the world. With wealth that rivals that of sports stars with infinite talent, hard work, and physical prowess. If you get good at poker and you could literally be on the level of other sports stars such as Roger Federer or Usain Bolt!

Poker – The Only Game With No House Edge

Poker is an entirely different game to all the other games in the casino. And is a perfect game to play at home since there is no house edge. Players don’t play against the house like in Blackjack and Roulette. They play against each other. That’s one of the draws of poker.

But with no house edge – how does the house make any money you might wonder? Well, let’s face it the house always wins. With poker, they take a cut for hosting the game.

Million Dollar Poker Games

In poker, players play against each other. They decide to raise or wager money based on the strength of their cards and place their money in front of them which is essentially in the pot. Players may fold and so the pot may remain small. Or players may be confident in the strength of their cards and keep adding to the pot.

To remain in the game, players have to keep adding to the pot. And, of course, it’s also common for poker players to bluff. They may bet high to intimidate other players who fold their cards because they think the other player has strong cards and they don’t want to lose money.

A Slice Of The Pie For The House

In the case, of games such as roulette, the house can only expect to win around 0.5% over many, many games statistically. But in poker, the house simply demands or taxes the pot at the end of each round. That ranges from around 2.5% to 10%, so it’s therefore, one of the most profitable games in the casino for the house.

Poker is super simple to learn. The dealer deals the players two cards. The players bet. The dealer then deals three community cards, the players bet again. The dealer then deals the fourth card, and a further bet is placed. Finally, a fifth card is dealt.

How Do You Play Poker & Get So Rich?

It’s a case of what your two cards can make with the five community cards such as two, three, four of a kind, a straight, a flush, or a royal flush, for example. Players have amassed fortunes playing this game.

And games exist where the winnings are higher for a short game than a fortnights play and the trophy for the winner of Wimbledon. It’s all about bluffing, and working out what the other players may have by the way they bet.

The game is best played in real life where you can try to assess how the other players are reacting in real life and not just how they are gambling. Are they sweating, edgy, acting, nervous, calm, or excited? Top players such as Sam Farha and Phil Ivey are worth more than $100 million. Simply from playing and bluffing and betting wisely.

It’s suggested that the game takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. If you want to learn, start with play money, then play with beginners for low amounts and work your way up.  People think they can get and become a millionaire. Remember that most players lose, so be careful.

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