Enjoying virtual reality

Virtual Reality 2020

Virtual Reality is one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century. Even though still in development, it is already proving its usefulness in different industries including online casinos. Gaming operators are now using VR to provide immersive and interactive experiences for players. This is making online casino gaming more like the real-life brick-and-mortar experience.

VR is taking online casinos to the next level

The online casino industry has undergone so many advancements in recent years. Some of these major advancements include mobile gaming and live dealer games. When live dealer games were introduced, they brought in some more excitement and realness.

With the introduction of VR in online casinos, players would enjoy a more real experience. Apart from just seeing and communicating with the real human dealers, they can also feel and engage with other players in real-time.

Features of online VR casinos

Even though VR casinos are still under development, they already offer many amazing features. For example, you sit with other gamers in the lounge or at the bar for a cocktail. Here are the main exciting features of VR casinos:

·   Live casino sounds – With VR casino games, you hear sounds from real physical casinos and this makes it feel more real.

·   Immersive Game rooms – The games bring you into detailed game centres where you enjoy completely immersive gameplay.

·   Chat feature – Live casinos have a feature where you can communicate with other players and the dealer by typing into a chatbox. However, with VR casinos, you can sit and communicate with other players and dealers in the same lounge. Developers are even working on making it more real and you may even be able to do things like taking a drink during the game.

·   Virtual Reality Slot Machines – More slot machines that you can feel and experience are being developed with VR Gaming.

·   3D Casino tables – With VR games, you can choose to play at 3D tables and engage with the other gamers and also the human dealer. One of the most popular virtual reality gaming tables available already is Casino VR Poker.

The casino VR poker site was developed in Switzerland and it offers 6 Texas Hold’em tables with spatial voice chatting. It runs on Oculus Rift or Gear VR. For now, the platform is only available for entertainment purposes and no real money wagering. That means you can only bet with virtual chips and cannot cash out money.

What the future holds for VR CAsinos

There are only very few VR casinos and games at the moment. However, online gaming developers are beginning to accept the technology and create VR games. Also, as many more people get to purchase VR equipment such as software, headsets, and other hardware accessories, the VR casino market will expand and continue to prosper.

A 2016 study by Juniper Research revealed that the global number of bets from VR games was just around $58.5 million. It was predicted that the figure will increase by around 800% to at least $520 million by 2021. This should give you an idea of how virtual reality casinos are becoming huge.

As technology continues to improve, VR casinos will deliver better gaming experiences and more gamers will invest in it. Currently, gaming developers are putting in efforts to recreate everything that happens at brick and mortar venues online.

However, there would most likely be more incredible features with VR casino gaming in the future. For example, in a Baccarat game, you would have different options for gaming centres to choose from. You may be able to play Blackjack on Mars or play Poker on a ship. The possibilities with VR are endless.

Many land-based casinos are already making use of VR games and equipment in their facilities. They have special centres for people who would love to use VR. But since online casinos are already dominating the gambling world, we can expect many online VR gaming sites in recent years.

The development of VR hardware and software is also a factor in the incorporation into casino games. As mobile technologies and VR equipment continue to advance, there’ll likely be a better performance from smartphone-based headsets.

Furthermore, many US and UK casinos have been investing heavily in VR gaming sites recently. Thus, it is safe to say players who can afford VR equipment should expect to enjoy more interactive gaming sessions from their homes.